= Sound == Configuring the sound card Frugalware uses the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) subsystem for sound cards. For older applications, the Open Sound System (OSS) compatibility modules are loaded, but Frugalware does not contain native OSS support. Finding and loading the necessary module for your sound card is fairly simple. The process is mostly the same as setting up your network card. During every boot, the hotplug scripts will detect your sound card, but, of course, you can take the automatically loaded module to blacklist, and load it manually by editing '/etc/sysconfig/modules'. == Volume configuration with alsamixer By default, your sound card can be very loud. You can use `alsamixer` to set the volume of your card. Use the < and > keys to mute a channel, up and down keys to set the volume and left or right keys to switch to another channel. You can quit alsamixer by hitting the Esc key. From now, during shutdown, Frugalware saves your settings, but you can store or load them any time with the ------------------- # service alsa save ------------------- and the ------------------- # service alsa load ------------------- commands.