= Mailing List Rules == Introduction The purpose of this document is to define rules that help the communication on the mailing lists of Frugalware Linux. == Mailing Lists .There are 3 read-only lists * frugalware-announce for general announcements (low traffic) * frugalware-security for Frugalware Security Advisories * frugalware-bugs for newly opened tasks in the Bug Tracking System (This may be extended in future, currently you must use the web interface to comment a task.) .There are 3 lists for developers * frugalware-devel for general development questions. Every developer is supposed to read this list. It has a moderate traffic. (Usually only a few mails / day.) * frugalware-git for Git commits. This is a high traffic list. Every developer is supposed to subscribe to this list, but feel free to set 'Mail delivery' to 'Disabled' if you don't want to receive mails. (This is required as only subscribed users can post to prevent spam.) * frugalware-darcs for Darcs patches. No longer used, but we keep this list as the archive is useful sometimes. .There are 3 lists for users * frugalware-forums is a bidirectional gateway between the users of the Frugalware Forums (link:http://forums.frugalware.org/index.php?t=thread&frm_id=34[this forum]) and people who read the mailing lists only. The primary benefit is that not all developers read the Forums, but mailing lists. * frugalware-users is for general user questions. It seems the Forums are very popular, but we still provide a mailing list for user questions. * frugalware-users-hu is for Hungarian user questions. If not mentioned, then the language of the lists are English. Please use the appropriate language. If you know of other non-English mailing lists, please tell us, then we can include them here. You can subscribe to our mailing lists link:http://frugalware.org/mailman/listinfo[here]. Also you can unsubscribe or edit your options there. == Frugalware developers Developers are supposed to read the `-devel` and `-users` mailing lists, and supposed to be subscribed to the `-git` list. == Off-list discussion We don't set a `Reply-to:` header on our mailing lists. This is intentional. If you don't understand why this is a good decision, first please read link:http://www.unicom.com/pw/reply-to-harmful.html[this document]. In practice if this is a new situation for you, then use your mail client's 'list-reply' function, as the 'reply' function will send the mail off-list which is not something you want in most cases. Also please do not use the 'group-reply' function if possible. Users must subscribe before they post, so you can be sure they are in the mailing list. (This is different to some other projects' rules. Some projects require you to use 'group-reply' all the time, please do not do so on our lists.) == Top posting and HTML messages Please do not link:http://www.idallen.com/topposting.html[top post] on our lists. Also please try to avoid HTML messages, many developers use a console mail client to read mails and reading such messages is always problematic. == Archives We have our own archive of our mailing lists link:http://frugalware.org/pipermail/[here]. Gmane also provides link:http://news.gmane.org/?prefix=gmane.linux.frugalware[searchable archives].